Greater Pine Island Water
Association Inc.
Click on the PDF link below to view the 2021 Annual Meeting presentation by Laurie Adams, General Manager.


The Tropical Homesites neighborhood water main improvement project will begin Phase 1 in May 2021 and includes the following streets:

• Tropical Point Dr
• Papaya St
• Citrus St
• Cove St
• Sabal Ave between Citrus and Tropical Point

See the layout in the attached PDF indicating the location of the fire hydrants for Phase 1.

Cabana Construction has been awarded the work for Phases 1 & 2. The estimated substantial completion date for Phase 1 is January 23, 2022. Phase 2 will begin in the Spring of 2022.  This project consists of replacing 2-inch and 3-inch water mains with 8-inch and 4-inch for fire protection. There will be 13 new hydrants where no fire protection existed previously.

Of course, there will be disruption over this period but in the end the entire neighborhood will have a new water infrastructure and fire protection. Part of the contract includes a video of the entire neighborhood before construction starts to document existing conditions and ensure that the sites are properly restored. Please understand that items in the right of way are subject to different conditions. We encourage you to remove any items in the right of way that can be easily moved prior to the project start.

If you have any concerns during this project, please call Customer Service at 239-283-1071 Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm, and your call will be directed to the appropriate person.