Greater Pine Island Water Association Inc.

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Our main purpose for this website is to improve communication with our customers. To that end, we have established several email addresses within this site to facilitate communication between the public and key members of our Association.  If you’d like to provide us with some information, or need to ask us a question, feel free to use one of the email links listed below.


Ø  For general inquires, account information, rate or billing information etc. please contact our customer service department at the following email address…….




Ø  For information regarding rules, policies, changes of ownership, contact with our Board of Directors, you can contact our Membership Coordinator/Administrative Assistant Erin Gaston at the following email address…



Ø  For matters concerning the administration of GPIWA, or for concerns that you have not been able to resolve through use of the other links on this page, you may contact our General Manager,

Mrs. Laurie Adams at the following email address….



Ø  For technical information about our water treatment facility, water quality, etc you may contact our RO Plant Supervisor, Chris George at the following email address…..