Greater Pine Island Water
Association Inc.

  New Service Requests

If you have a property that does not currently have a meter box on it and you are within the GPIWA potable water service area (at the link below titled Lee County Water Franchise Areas) marked in brown, you are in the right place.  GPIWA has different Development processes depending on the location of the property and the type of construction. 

The processes are:
1.) Water service line installation.
2.) Water service line extension.
3.) Water main extension.
4.) Water distribution system design and construction.

Typically for ONE new single-family residence which already has a watermain or service passing by the front of the property in the associated road or street right of way (ROW).

Typically for ONE new single-family residence which has a watermain in the vicinity (approximately 150ft) of the property and road or street right of way (ROW) that will allow for extension of the existing line.

Typically for MORE THAN ONE single family residence where there is no watermain in the vicinity, the existing watermain must be resized to accommodate future growth, or no easement allowing the installation of a watermain.

Typically for commercial, multifamily, or multiple property development.

If you do not do this for a living (not a developer or engineer) the best place to start this process is by e-mailing your request to  Please include your name, phone number, address, or vicinity of location of interest, whether this is residential or commercial, for one property or multiple properties.  We will reply with the infrastructure we have in that location and help direct you to the appropriate process.

If you do this for a living you can skip the above e-mail and follow the Development process detailed in our Development Handbook which can be viewed or download here