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Pine Island Water and Matlacha Pine Island Fire Department have hired a contractor to sandblast and paint 100 fire hydrants in our service area this year.  Customers will soon be noticing the results of this joint effort.                                                                                                                                                    

The Matlacha Isles water main improvement project was competitively bid and awarded to the low bidder Cabana Construction for $627,716 by the Board of Directors on April 3, 2018. The project is expected to begin in the beginning of May with a substantial completion anticipated date of December 19, 2018.

This project consists of installation of replacing approximately 5,740 lf of potable water main to replace the existing water main throughout the Matlacha Isles community. There will be seven new hydrants where no fire protection existed previously.

Of course, there will be disruption over this period but in the end the entire neighborhood will have a new water infrastructure and fire protection. The contractor will drill under as many driveways as possible. Part of the contract includes a video of the entire neighborhood before construction starts to document existing conditions and ensure that the sites are properly restored. Please understand that items in the right of way are subject to different conditions. We encourage you to remove any items in the right of way that can be easily moved prior to the project start.  


Click on the link below to view the 2018  Annual Meeting presentation by Laurie Adams, General Manager.
Click on the link below to view the 2018 Budget Presentation by Laurie Adams, General Manager.    


For the 2018 GPIWA budget we are going to undertake the upgrade of the Matlacha Isles water distribution system. Beginning Monday November 6, 2017 there will be survey staff in the neighborhood. The project will then head to design, bid and construction in the Spring of 2018. We will include updates to the website as progress is made.

Click on the attachment below to view a map of the area to be upgraded.



This project is substantially complete as all properties are connected to the new water mains, all hydrants are in service and most restoration is complete. There will be some additional clean up the week of July 24.

We thank all our customers for your patience during the project. We also thank Stevens & Layton for finishing ahead of schedule and their responsiveness to concerns raised by residents.


Click on the link below to view the 2017 Annual Meeting presentation by Laurie Adams, General Manager.
Charlotte Shores water line upgrade project

Upgrading the water lines in Charlotte Shores is underway.  The construction bid was awarded to Stevens & Layton Inc. for a cost of $874,110.83.   The project is scheduled to take 6-8 months to complete. 13 new fire hydrants will be included in the upgrade, providing fire protection to all residents.

Phase 1 (Genesee Parkway, Flint & Argentine Courts) is ahead of schedule.   After chlorination & pressure testing, individual water meters will  be removed from the old line and re-connected to the new line. 

Then Phase 2 will begin.  Click on the attachment below to view a map of the area to be upgraded. 
Lead & Copper Testing

In July 2016, we sampled 30 sites for lead and copper testing based on the required sampling protocol.  The action level for Lead is 15 parts per billion (ppb) and Copper is 1.2 parts per million (ppm).  To determine compliance, we must calculate what they term the 90th percentile.  For copper the result was 0.0066 ppm.  Lead was below the detection level of .25 ppb and therefore not detected.

Rules & Regulation change - "stopped meters"

The Association's Rules and Regulations were amended to include the following procedure for meters that have stopped working. 

        "c.  If, from any cause, a meter fails to register the amount of water passing through it, the owner shall be charged at the average daily rate as shown by the meter when in order."

Members are encouraged to notify the GPIWA business office if your water bill shows "0" usage and you have been using water.

Franchise Area of GPIWA

GPIWA was granted a franchise from Lee County to service a specific area known as "Greater Pine Island".  The boundaries of this franchise are all areas from the northern tip of Bokeelia to the southern tip of St James City, the north and south sides of Pine Island Road from Pine Island Center east thru Matlacha to the east side of Matlacha Isles.  Continuing on the south side of Pine Island Road from the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce to the east side of the "Future site of Honc Industries" sign including all of Royal Tee and Cape Royal backing up to the south to Sandoval.  Also in our franchise area is the subdivision of Saddlewood Farms on the south side of Pine Island Road including both sides of Saddlewood Lane, Bridle Lane, and Shelley Lane.  Click on the map below for a visual picture of the franchise area.