Greater Pine Island Water Association Inc.



                                          REGULAR MEETING

DECEMBER 18, 2018


Present:    John Cammick, President; Ross Halbleib, Vice President; Paul

                  Brown, Treasurer; Tim Saulsbery, Secretary; William Deile;

                  Edward Serrell; John West; Will Peratino; Laurie Adams, General

                  Manager; Renee' Clark, Recording Secretary; Rich Parsons, Financial



Absent:    Mike Dreikorn (excused absence)


Also Present:   Beverly Grady, Mike Rose


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM. by President Cammick.  After considering the proposed agenda, Mr. West moved, seconded by Mr. Deile for approval of the agenda.  The motion carried unanimously. President Cammick asked that the item “Roll Call of Directors” be added to the agenda format so that Director attendance at meetings can be documented.  He also called for Roll Call of Directors present at this meeting, noting that Mr. Dreikorn would be granted an excused absence.


The minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 30, 2018 were presented. Mr. Deile moved, seconded by Mr. West for approval of the minutes as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


The Treasurer's Report was presented and accepted on motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. West and carried unanimously.   Exhibit 48 (October) Exhibit 49 (November)


The Operations Report were presented.  Exhibit 50 (October) Exhibit 51 (November)


The General Manager’s Report was presented.   Exhibit  52  Mrs.  Adams reported:

1.     New property – meeting scheduled with Lee County for Friday re: zoning.

2.     Matlacha Isles Upgrade complete. $50,826 under budget.

3.     Shoreview Dr line upgrade to start approximately February 2019.

4.     New technology in radio read meters may allow savings by using tablets instead of hand-held readers.


The 2019 Annual Meeting Packet was presented.  Exhibit  53   Mr. West moved, seconded by Mr. Brown to approve the 2019 Annual Meeting Packet as presented with the amendment to change the time of the meeting to 10:00 AM.  The motion carried unanimously.


Exhibit 54 was presented as the proposed 2019 Ballot Counting Committee.  Exhibit Mr. Deile moved, seconded by Mr. Peratino for approval of the 2019 Ballot Counting Committee.  The motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Adams presented Exhibit 55   as a memo explaining the method used to revise the Association’s salary matrix. Mr. Cammick adjourned the meeting at 10:35 AM to an executive session. 

The Board re-convened at 11:00 AM and meeting was called to order by President Cammick.


Mr. West moved, seconded by Mr. Deile to adopt the revised Salary and Wage Scale minimum and maximum ranges based on the averages of Cape Coral, Lee County, and AWWA to be effective January 1, 2019.  Furthermore, provide the General Manager discretion in placement of existing employees within the range based on experience and years of service.  The motion carried unanimously.


 The 2019 Proposed Budget was presented by Mrs. Adams.  Exhibit  56    After discussion, Dr. Halbleib moved, seconded by Mr. Deile to approve the 2019 Proposed Budget including a 2% increase in water rates, ready to serve charge, and base rate effective January 1, 2019.  The motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Adams presented, for the Board’s consideration, a proposed $400 Holiday Gift to each employee in appreciation for their loyal efforts this past year.  Exhibit 57    Mr. West moved, seconded by Mr. Deile to present to all employees, including the General Manager, a $400 (net) Holiday Gift.  The motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Adams also proposed that the Board grant all employees a holiday on December 24th for this year being Christmas Day is on Tuesday.  Exhibit  58   Mr. Cammick moved, seconded by Mr. Saulsberry to grant all employees December 24, 2018 as a paid holiday. The motion carried unanimously.


The next Regular Board meeting will be held on February 26, 2019 as the Re-Organizational Meeting following the Annual Meeting.


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at

11:25 AM.



                                                            Tim Saulsbery, Secretary