Greater Pine Island Water Association Inc.




                      ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

                                  FEBRUARY 26, 2019




Present:   John Cammick, President; Ross Halbleib, Vice President;

                 Paul Brown, Treasurer; Tim Saulsbery, Secretary; Mike

                 Dreikorn; John West; Edward Serrell; Will Peratino (via

                 webcam); Bill Deile





The 54th Annual Membership Meeting of the Greater Pine Island Water Association, Inc. was called to order at 10:00 A.M. by President John Cammick.   The meeting was held in the GPIWA Board Room at the Pine Island Center Business Office.  Proof of Notice was presented as a ballot package mailed to each member of record.  Exhibit   1


The invocation was given by Pastor Mc Crea of the Pine Island United Methodist Church followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call of the Board of Directors.


The minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting were provided to those present.  There being no corrections or additions, John West moved, seconded by Paul Brown to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting held on February 27, 2018 as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


John Cammick, President, reported that the Association continues to be in good financial position.  He commended Laurie Adams, General Manager, for her ability to keep the budget in mind while making improvements to the Association’s facilities and infrastructure.


Paul Brown, Treasurer, presented the 2018 Audit and confirmed that the Association is in good financial position with 2018 operating revenue increased by $240,000 due in part to a 2% rate increase. 2018 revenue in excess of expenses is $558,098.  Association excess revenue is reinvested in the system to upgrade neighborhood lines and other capital upgrades to the system.  The Board strives to maintain reserves of $2M for emergencies.  Paul Brown moved, seconded by Ross Halbleib for acceptance of the 2018 Audit. The motion carried unanimously.   Exhibit 2  Audit     Exhibit  3 - 2019  Budget available for those present.


Laurie Adams, General Manager, presented a PowerPoint demonstration showing 2018 improvements made  including a new mission statement, improvements to Well 5, safety stairs added to RO Plant storage area, PO4 storage area moved and containment area established, RO Plant outdoor lights upgraded to LED, and acid feed chemical room upgraded. Staff contributed many hours to make these improvements thereby saving the Association money.  Water lines in Matlacha Isles were upgraded and fire hydrants added.

Mrs. Adam’s PowerPoint included  planned system upgrades in 2019 to Shoreview Drive and replacement of  4,000 feet +/- of the 50 year old AC water line on Pine Island Road between Nikki Lane to Little Pine Island Bridge.  Construction of a storage building on property to the west of the Center office is also planned.  See Exhibit   4     (Mrs. Adams’ PowerPoint presentation)


President Cammick introduced Board candidates Mike Rose, Frank Potter, and Marty Ambrose who were present in the audience.  He then introduced Linda Davis as Chairwoman of the Ballot Counting Committee. 


Mrs. Davis reported 623 total ballots were received with 27 ballots being determined as invalid.     See Exhibit  5 


(Note: 5 members present at meeting including 3 candidates) 


The tally of ballots for Board of Director seats was as follows:



MATLACHA:    3 Year Term                                            FOR

                                        Paul Brown                                 540                        



ST JAMES CITY:   3 Year Term


                                        Will Peratino                               221


                                        Paul Michael Rose                     354                                  



AT LARGE:     3 Year Term              


                                        Marty Ambrose                           144    


                                        Frank Potter                                247


                                        Edward Serrell                            184                                         



Tim Saulsbery moved, seconded by Paul Brown to accept the Ballot Counting Committee’s report and declare Paul Brown, Paul Michael Rose, and Frank Potter duly elected Directors.  The motion carried unanimously.


President Cammick thanked the Nominating Committee (Ken Cox, Chairman; Sonny Koutsoutis; Bill Murphy; Barbara Peckenpaugh; Jill Dean) and the  Ballot Counting Committee (Linda Davis-Chairwoman, Rosemary Bock, Kathy Davis, Brenda Balbaugh, Margaret Bunting, and Melanie Barrick) who, without their volunteer services, the Association could not function within the By-Laws.  Mr. Cammick also thanked the candidates who volunteered to run for a director seat.


There being no further business before the membership, the meeting was  adjourned at 10:40 AM.



                                                   Tim Saulsbery, Secretary


                            RE-ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING

FEBRUARY 26, 2019



Present:    John Cammick, President; Ross Halbleib, Vice President; Paul

                  Brown, Treasurer; Tim Saulsbery, Secretary; William Deile;

                  Mike Dreikorn; John West; Frank Potter; Mike Rose; Laurie Adams,

                  General Manager; Renee' Clark, Recording Secretary; Rich Parsons,

                  Financial Manager



Also Present:   Sarah Spector


The meeting was called to order at 10:55 AM. by President Cammick.  After considering the proposed agenda, Mr. Deile moved, seconded by Mr. Potter for approval of the agenda.  The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Cammick thanked Will Peratino and Ed Serrell for their valued service on the Board the past three years.  He welcomed Frank Potter and Mike Rose to the Board.


The first order of business was the election of officers.

Nominations were opened for the office of President.  Dr. Halbleib nominated Mr. Cammick, seconded by Mr. Dreikorn.   There being no further nominations, Mr. Cammick was elected President unanimously.


Nominations were opened for the office of Vice President.  Mr. Saulsbery nominated Dr. Halbleib, seconded by Mr. Potter.   There being no further nominations, Dr. Halbleib was elected Vice President unanimously.


Nominations were opened for the office of Treasurer.  Mr. Saulsbery nominated Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Dreikorn.  Mr. Brown nominated Mr. Rose, however Mr. Rose declined.  There being no further nominations, Mr. Brown was elected Treasurer unanimously.


Nominations were opened for the office of Secretary.  Dr. Halbleib nominated Mr. Saulsbery, seconded by Mr. Brown.  There being no further nominations, Mr. Saulsbery was elected Secretary unanimously.


A public informational meeting on a Development Order Application to construct an enclosed storage building at 5311 Pine Island Road was conducted by Mrs. Adams with a power point display.  Exhibit  6     Mrs. Adams explained that the Association requires a secure location for inventory parts and equipment to be stored.  The property located at 5311 Pine Island Road was purchased in 2017 for that purpose.  It is proposed to construct a 40’ deep x 110’ long x 16’ high metal building, with no access from Pine Island Road, to replace the two cargo type containers currently in use.  An environmental assessment study was conducted on the property prior to clearing of the invasive vegetation.  Mrs. Adams ended the presentation by asking for any questions from the audience.  There were no questions.  (Note there was no one from the public present in the room except for board members or employees)

The minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 18, 2018 were presented. Mr. West moved, seconded by Dr.  Halbleib for approval of the minutes as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


The Treasurer's Report was presented and accepted.  Exhibit 7 (December)  Exhibit  8  (January)


The Operations Report were presented.  Exhibit 9 (December)   Exhibit 10 (January)


The General Manager’s Report was presented.   Exhibit 11   Mrs.  Adams reported:

1.      Rich Parsons has formally submitted his intent to retire as of May 2019.  The search for a replacement is underway.

2.     The pad & stairs have been poured for the Center  generator. Project is scheduled for completion by the end of February.

3.     In design for replacement of trench piping and grating at RO Plant.

4.     Shoreview Drive water main upgrade project expected to begin in March, 2019.


Mr. Cammick requested that Board members respond when asked how they will attend Board meetings so that proper plans can be made.


The Board agreed the next Regular Board meeting would be held on April 23rd at 10:00 AM.


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at

11:35 AM.




                                                            Tim Saulsbery, Secretary