Greater Pine Island Water Association Inc.



                                        REGULAR MEETING

April 23, 2019




Present:      John Cammick, President; Ross Halbleib, Vice President; Paul

                  Brown, Treasurer (via webcam); Tim Saulsbery, Secretary;

                  William Deile; John West; Frank Potter; Mike Rose; Mike 

                  Dreikorn; Laurie Adams, General  Manager; Renee' Clark, 

                  Recording Secretary; Steve Dzibinski, Financial 





Also Present:   Beverly Grady


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM. by President Cammick.  The proposed agenda was accepted.


The minutes of the Annual Meeting of February 26, 2019 were presented. Dr. Halbleib moved, seconded by Mr.  Deile for approval of the minutes as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.

The minutes of the Re-Organizational Meeting of February 26, 2019 were presented. Dr. Halbleib moved, seconded by Mr.  Deile for approval of the minutes as presented.  The motion carried unanimously


Mrs. Adams introduced Steve Dzibinski as a new employee replacing Rich Parsons as Finance Manager.  Mrs. Adams presented and reviewed the Treasurer’s Reports with the Board.  Exhibit 12 (February)    Exhibit 13 (March)


The Operations Reports were presented.  Exhibit 14 (February)   Exhibit 15 (March)


The General Manager’s Report was presented.   Exhibit  16   Mrs.  Adams reported:

1.     Staff changes include Steve Dzibinski hired as Finance Manager replacing Rich Parsons; Tom Hennelly retiring as of May 8th, Erik Iverson promoted to Distribution Supervisor; Jerome Allen promoted to Lead Operator replacing Erik Iverson; new hire Ryan Raynes to replace Jerome Allen at ROP.

2.     Preliminary phase schedule for RO Plant trench piping replacement.

3.     Update on progress of equipment storage building on 5311 property.

4.     Update on PI Road water main replacement project.

5.     Center generator project almost complete.

6.     Shoreview Drive line replacement should start first of May.

7.     Update on installation of radio read meters-Matlacha Isles complete, Shoreview next, then 2020 budget to propose 412 meters in Royal Tee. 

8.     Mechanical Integrity Testing (MIT) of the Deep Injection Well successful.  Major difference was method of pretreating effluent by Lee County.


Renewal of employee health benefits was presented by Mrs. Adams.  Exhibit  17 

She advised that plan benefits for group health, dental, life, long term disability, and HRA remains the  same as current, however by switching to different networks the Association can save approximately $30,000 from current plan rates.  Mr. Rose, moved, seconded by Mr. Deile to approve the General Manager‘s recommendations to maintain current major  medical coverage with Health E Choices renewing with PHCS network, approve dental coverage, long term disability and life insurance with Principal.  The motion carried unanimously.


Exhibit  18  was presented by Mr. Cammick as Committee Assignments for 2019.


Mrs. Adams discussed the purchase of a new dump truck to replace the current 2007 F350.  Due to various issues the only F450 meeting GPIWA specifications is located in Grand Rapids Michigan at a cost of $59,128.  Mrs. Adams requests authority to purchase this dump truck as detailed in Exhibit 19 .  Mr. Dreikorn moved, seconded by Mr. West to authorize the purchase of a 2019 F450 from Fox Ford in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $59,128 and request Mrs. Adams research other sources to sell the 2007 F350.  The motion carried unanimously.


The Board agreed the next Regular Board meeting would be held on June 25, 2019 at 10:00 AM.


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at

10:50 AM.




                                                            Tim Saulsbery, Secretary